Looking at the world we are building right now and how big changes happened, I would like to focus on something that keeps bugging me about famous technology moguls and disruptors:

Steve Jobs was just a teenager (12 y/o) and he was hired to work at Hewlett Packard, something that will be impossible right now, Second, he befriended and older guy, Steve Wozniak, something that today many parents would not allow and, third, they hacked AT&T and managed to make phone calls for free when they both discovered that there was a flaw in the whole infrastructure that allowed them to reproduce the same tones that communicated telephone computers between them.

All these being said just tell us how wrong is the message our Society is directing to our children. How absurd is that we are imposing limits and behaviors, when just the opposite produced amazing results and technological advances.

Think about it yourself, had we forbidden Steve Jobs from working at such an early age, impeded him to befriend an older guy and put him in jail for hacking AT&T, we would have just prevented him from becoming one of the most relevant figures of our century. Give it a thought and you will get my point.