Yesterday, May 11th, 2020, took place the Halving Event after 12 years of mining Bitcoins, it came with the block number 630000. It was exciting for many like me, who have been observing, for so long, the ups and downs of the Block Chain in this amazing decentralized network.

Many wonder why I never recommended anyone to acquire Bitcoins in the past, and I always try to put it simple and explain, but I guess not all like the answer:

“People are not ready for this tech yet, they see it as an investment when we see it as a first step of our society in a radical change in the way economy should work. Plus, the level of knowledge required is quite high, so most people will probably lose ownership of their codes and enter an spiral of frustration that will frivolously harm the invention of the Block Chain itself.”

All our financial system is flawed in so many ways but people prefer not to think about it. One day it will be obvious but right now people are just not ready at all.

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