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Thoughts – 2

Halving Event

Yesterday, May 11th, 2020, took place the Halving Event after 12 years of mining Bitcoins, it came with the block number 630000. It was exciting for many like me, who have been observing, for so long, the ups and downs of the Block Chain in this amazing decentralized network. Many wonder why I never recommended…
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Thoughts -1

Aprendí con el paso del tiempo a hacerme invisible, a pasar desapercibido y a disfrutar de largos silencios. Aprendí otros idiomas y formas de entender el mundo y en esos momentos, escasos, de nostalgia en que me recordaba cómo había sido en el pasado, disfrutaba de haberlo conseguido; una especie de transformación sigilosa que me…
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Dreams – 1

Lately I have been dreaming kind of weird. This night, to be precise, I dreamed of a woman, elite sport woman, who kind of was skiing in some mountain and lost her finger. I went to find it so she could get it back by surgery. The feeling was like we had fallen in love…
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