Better known for its connection to Bitcoin, the Blockchain is a ledger built with the computational effort of a distributed and decentralized network that validates transactions as they happen.

For years we were dealing with the fact that mistakes happen due to centralized management of processes, and the evolution of the internet and access to computers and smartphones has made possible to eliminate mistakes or foul play by someone who is in a position of power in a centralized organization by decentralizing the job and placing a public ledger with all the transactions.

The Blockchain, after all, is just a book made of hashes which lines are strongly connected to each other.

We can validate lines by analyzing the merkle roots, branches and trees and that is done in a very efficient and cheap way.

We are going to analyze the process of mining new coins and how this can be done again by the masses and not only by powerful ASIC farms, but first let's get used to all the slang and fine print to proceed with success. 

In a second stage, we are going to introduce Neuroscience to the Block Chain in order to solve another problems brought up by the mass adoption of the new technologies. We intend to reward each citizen and no trasaction will ever succeed without the willingness, from a neuroscience point of view, of the individual.

In a few words