We believe there is a way to decentralize mining today. We are talking about 2018 and we already know that the competition is fierce, we did not preview this from the very beginning, at least not that fast. We were confident that mining will be still possible from most homes for a longer period of time, but the drive for wealth accelerated it to the point we see today.

Adding to that the unwanted early publicity by wikileaks and other sources of interference, but complaining is not this post goal anyway.


We are developing an universal application that will allow anyone to mine a block. From a technical point of view it may seem like a lottery but when enough people will use it we will be able to divide the whole space into affordable chunks for even smartphones and once in a while some of the miners will get the whole prize when the right nonce/time stamp will be part of their share space.

We will provide every 10 minutes the work to mine (if someone wants to have a chance for the whole reward, then the merkle root will need to be recalculated with that miner Bitcoin Address), each miner's device will have 5 minutes to explore their shared space and check if they have the right nonce/time stamp combination.

If you want to participate, please send a text through the contact form.

If you search the web, there will be some consensus that solo mining right now is just a waste of time.

The Process

We all understand that mining is the act of adding a new Block to the Blockchain, to do that you need to compete with mining farms all over the world in a ten (10) minute average race to get the right Block that meets the target requirements. In a few words the hash of your block needs to have lots of Zeros from the left and be under the target.