[Update March 19th 2021]

Majority of BTCST Holders have decided to make it more attractive, instead of 18 positions it will be 17 positions (zeroes) so those who had one token now have 10 and the total amount instead of 1,5 Mill is 15 Mill. It is just a cosmetic change but to be honest, people rarely pay attention. The price went to 88 USD, that is actually 880 USD, so those who entered the token when instructed should have made 600 USD profit per token. Still, the main goal of BTCST holders is to participate in the mining of Bitcoin by staking the token, without needing to buy any hardware. The liquidity is invested by the miners to pay bills, update hardware and so on... No better way to be a miner right now. Risks associated: it runs on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) so it is not fully decentralized so it could be shut down any moment. The general advice is to move the Bitcoin generated daily by the token to a cold wallet under your sole control. Or just liquidate and move everything to a cold wallet and wait for new opportunities. As usual, this is not at all financial advice, do your own research. (DYOR)

[Update 2021]

There is a way to mine Bitcoin that, despite being slightly risky, lets someone who wants to increase their savings and receive them in Crypto, get the most out of it. The new token is BTCST (I highly recommend reading the white paperĀ here

The idea is to acquire Tokens that give, each one, the right to 0,1 TH of mining power that are distributed to those who stake those tokens for a whole day (Singapore time). The math is a win/win, not only you may increase the value of those tokens (only 1,5 Million printed) that can be traded at any time in exchanges, you receive as well, daily BTC that you can either trade or Hold as a dividend. On the other side of the equation, miners use that cash to renew their equipment and offset other costs of mining without liquidating their newly minted BTC to pay for that.

As of today you may receive just dust for each 1 token, but if that is money that you do not intend to move is just free savings. A simple math, for those who entered the token at 60 USD and staked 1000 BTCSTs will receive 0,0055 BTC daily or 2 BTC a year with an investment of 60,000 USD. the token is worth now more than double so you benefit twice. If you sell the token you have made another 60,000 USD profit that you can withdraw and let the half staked for a year for 1 BTC instead of 2 that will give an additional 10,000 USD - 60,000 USD/year depending on BTC price. This is just mind boggling.

The big risk is BTCST not attaining to their own contract and eluding to distribute BTC to those who stake the tokens... or if more tokens are printed that may dilute the profit... but still we are talking about free money in crypto to hold for later.

This, of course, is not financial advice, do your own research. All these profits are based on an ever growing value of Bitcoin long term. If the price drops significantly, you may lose all the investment in fiat currency valuation, but you will always keep the crypto associated to it if you know how to store it in cold wallets from time to time. If you do not understand how crypto works or believe that fiat currencies are going to survive, thenĀ this is not for you at all. Do not even consider it. You need to understand how staking works, how dApps interact with contracts in the different blockchains, please learn first, educate yourself because we are talking about the evolution of money, "smart money", not the traditional bill note you may be used to.]

Old Article below.

We believe there is a way to decentralize mining today. We are talking about 2018 and we already know that the competition is fierce, we did not preview this from the very beginning, at least not that fast. We were confident that mining will be still possible from most homes for a longer period of time, but the drive for wealth accelerated it to the point we see today.

Adding to that the unwanted early publicity by wikileaks and other sources of interference, but complaining is not this post goal anyway.

We are developing an universal application that will allow anyone to mine a block. From a technical point of view it may seem like a lottery but when enough people will use it we will be able to divide the whole space into affordable chunks for even smartphones and once in a while some of the miners will get the whole prize when the right nonce/time stamp will be part of their share space.

We will provide every 10 minutes the work to mine (if someone wants to have a chance for the whole reward, then the merkle root will need to be recalculated with that miner Bitcoin Address), each miner's device will have 5 minutes to explore their shared space and check if they have the right nonce/time stamp combination.

If you want to participate, please send a text through the contact form.

The Process

We all understand that mining is the act of adding a new Block to the Blockchain, to do that you need to compete with mining farms all over the world in a ten (10) minute average race to get the right Block that meets the target requirements. In a few words the hash of your block needs to have lots of Zeros from the left and be under the target.