BTC Full node

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Through the years we have been on and off maintaining full Bitcoin Nodes.

[September 2022] - Running a Lightning Network Node under the name SirBTC, easy to find through Amboss, Mempool.Space or Similar sites that track LN's progress.

We are running three Bitcoin full nodes as of now in order to protect the Ledger and integrity of Bitcoin Network.

We have moved our Tokens to ETHW (Ethereum Proof of Work), that is even cheaper than BSC and closed/liquidated all our positions held in BEP20.

[September 2021] - Bitcoin maximalists will not endorse this so I am just letting you know in case you are interested and are open minded. Our strategy is to hold and stake #BTCST (BEP20 Token that lives in the Binance Smart Chain). We know how fragile it can be but we are moving the Bitcoin received to a cold wallet regularly and, since the initial investment back in January 2021 was fully recovered, we are just generating free Bitcoin daily. Every 10k BTCST generates 250k Satoshis daily so do your math and your own research before you put anything. Think about the exit plan and taxes depending where you live or will live at the time of use of those profits. Since we are doing it for the long term (Around 20 years from now, 2040, we are less worried about it right now).